Cabin 12 Restaurant

3111 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria, BC

(250) 590-1500

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Real people, real food and real vinyl records. As relaxed and comfy as your favourite pair of jeans. For breakfast, lunch and brunch, seven days a week.

  • The key is starting from fresh.
  • Penne primavera
  • Ribs!
Spicy, tangy and what an aroma! Sauteed green and red peppers, red onions and guacamole. Smothered with our handmade hollandaise and drizzled with hot sauce. Wars have been fought over less. Here’s how @mturnerphoto described it on Twitter: “went to @Cabin12Victoria for breakfast, cabin fever Benny slayed my hunger dragon like it ain’t no thang… […] » More on Cabin 12 Restaurant Menu
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